The Bad Chef Awards


theessentials_masa_t1. Repeating garnishes? That’s lazy. We don’t want to see the same arugula salad beneath our burrata, atop our pork chop milanese, and beside our dinner date’s branzino. Mix it up.


theessentials_masa_t2. The temper tantrums some chefs threw in June over the loss of foie graswas overkill. Serving 10, 20, 30 courses of fatty duck liver? That’s not an act of protest—that’s how you get gout. 


theessentials_masa_t3. Sticking spleen in a sandwich doesn’t count as nose-to-tail. Offal for offal’s sake does the trend a disservice and has us yearning fondly for the days of the chicken breast. 


theessentials_masa_t4. There is such a thing as a big plate. We’re on to you: Four small plates at $12 apiece is less painful (at first) than one $48 entrée, but in the end we’re paying the same—often more. 


Illustrations by Ed Fotheringham