The 5 Best Things We Ate at FYF Fest

Punny donuts, stinky tofu, and vegan mac and cheese waffles stole the show this weekend

Goldenvoice, the Southern California concert promotion juggernaut behind Coachella, has been slowly upping their food game over the past few years.  It started at the big Indio festival two years ago and spread to FYF Fest this past weekend, which sported some impressive eats surrounding the L.A. Memorial Colosseum.  Coachella favorites like Spicy Pie, corn dogs, and crab fries were all in attendance, as well as newer vendors like Top Round Roast Beef, OkonomiDog (formerly Kushiyaki Dog), Phorage, and After’s Ice Cream.  Here were 5 of the stand out things we ate this past weekend: 

1.  Best Use of the Headliners: Donut Friend

FYF donut 2
Photograph by Zach Brooks

FYF was tailor made for Donut Friend, the Highland Park donut shop owned and run by legendary emo producer Mark Trombino, where the donuts are all named after musicians. Their marshmallow topped chocolate S’Morrissey creation was a no brainer, and they rebranded the Poppygandhi as “Kanye Zest” for the night one headliner. Both were sold out long before their namesakes hit the main stage.  

2. Best Dip: Stinky Tofu “blue cheese” dressing from Status Kuo

FYF dip
Photograph by Zach Brooks

Unless you had some sort of special secret VIP access to showers inside the Coliseum, the saucy sweet and spicy Korean flavored chicken wings being served at the Status Kuo booth were probably a huge mistake. But it was hard to be mad after one bite of their stinky tofu “blue cheese” dip. Luckily it’s available as a special on the menu at their Mar Vista restaurant, where bathroom sinks should be readily available when you’re done.  

3. Best Seafood Some People May have Been Scared to Eat: Poke from Big Daddy’s Poke Shack

FYF poke
Photograph by Zach Brooks

Poke is popping up everywhere in Los Angeles these days, so it surprised nobody to see it in the trendy “Night Market” section of FYF.  Venice Beach’s Big Daddy’s Poke Shack served up small bowls of rice and shoyu marinated raw fish topped with avocado, begging the question: who wants to eat uncooked ahi tuna at a music festival in 90-degree weather?  Answer: us.  

4.  Best Off-Menu Secret Mash Up: Vegan BBQ Sandwich w/ Mac & Cheese Waffle Buns

FYF Mashup
Photograph by Zach Brooks

If you were obsessed with the #fyffest hashtag on Instagram you were rewarded with possibly the most important information of the festival. Procure two vegan mac and cheese waffles from Clara’s Cakes, the L.A. vegan bakery famously owned by teenager Clara Polito, and the people at the Pure Luck Vegan booth would sandwich them around BBQ pulled jackfruit, pickles and guac for $5.  Added bonus: making The Moz proud.  

5. Simply The Best: Dune’s Falafel

FYF Falafel
Photograph by Zach Brooks

Just like Coachella, you needed a VIP wristband to get access to some of the best food at the festival- like the falafel sandwich from Dune.  Unlike a lot of festival food, which is “great for a festival”, Dune’s falafel is great for anywhere- and the $10 price tag made it a relative bargain. The logistics made it impossible to do their signature pita bread, but their replacement was almost as good and everything else was as perfect as it is at their Atwater Village storefront (right down to the crispy potato sticks on top).