The 411 on Moby’s Forthcoming Vegan Concept in Silver Lake


Moby, born in Harlem, was once a die-hard New Yorker. Now living in L.A., the electronica whiz, architecture buff, and vegan prophet has no shortage of ownership in his adopted home — literally.

Aside from buying and renovating some of the city’s most gorgeous homes, Moby — along with longtime friend and famed NYC chef Anne Thornton — has the keys to a new vegan eatery on Rowena. Called Little Pine, the restaurant, and adjacent retail space, is expected to open for dinner this summer, with breakfast, lunch, and brunch service arriving in the fall.

With Moby at the helm, expect a tasteful and sustainable design (Tatum Kendrick of Studio Hus is officially behind the look); a mid-century chandelier lights up the dining room and wallpaper depicts a forest scene that Moby captured himself with his own camera. Little Pine’s little shop will offer “eco-sustainable housewares and gifts from Moby and Thornton’s favorite artisans, artists and authors.”

The main event — food — aligns with Moby’s vegan sensibilities, with hearty, French-influenced dishes from Thornton (who you may know from her work at NYC’s Waverly Inn, Hotel Griffou, and her Dessert First show) like Lemon Mint Pea Pate, Pan Bagnat, Mushroom Leek Pot Pie, and a Superba Snack Bar-sounding Roasted Cauliflower Steak. Thornton is actually new to the vegan lifestyle: “I  have always relied on meat, eggs and dairy as my primary ingredients so giving those up forced me to develop new and innovative ways of cooking,” she says in a statement.

Moby and Thornton, friends from their New York days (you’ll remember Moby launched the teashop/cafe TeaNY in 2002), want Little Pine to become a new gathering spot for Silver Lake. “We will not only provide remarkable food, but also a serene space that is an extension of our neighborhood and community,” Moby says.

redarrowLittle Pine, 2870 Rowena Avenue