The 25 Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles

We’re not drooling, you’re drooling

Here’s a little bit of inside intel: Los Angeles magazine HQ is 5900 Wilshire, AKA smack dab along the mid-city food truck corridor. Every day for the last several years, a dozen or so trucks pull up outside the building. We’ve tried all of their bowls and wraps and mash-up monstrosities and watched them closely. The result? We’ve gotten pretty good at smelling out which trucks are worthwhile, and which are going to be gone in two weeks when people realize that their sushi-stuffed cheesesteak is a no-go. The best ones have a clear concept, a tight menu, and a regular line. Here, we share with you what we’ve learned. Come, mobile cuisine enthusiasts, lend us your ear—and a napkin.

1. CVT

Hollywood Hills

Ice cream trucks are nothing new right? Wrong. So wrong. Soft serve heaven on wheels, this is.

2. The Lobos Truck

Los Feliz

Criss-cut fry nachos. That is all.

3. Free Range


These breakfasty fried chicken sandwiches are not just gorgeous and gooey—they’re also bonkers delicious.

4. Kogi


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The O.G. fancy food truck is still one of the best in the biz.

5. NoMad

Korea Town

It’s Daniel Humm’s gourmet New York restaurant on wheels, sort of. Count on new, tasty stuff each week with rotating guest chef collaborations.

6. Guerilla Taco


Wes Avila takes California ingredients (uni! sweet potato!) and throws them on tortillas in a way that qualifies as utter genius.

7. Mariscos Jalisco

Boyle Heights

These guys consistently bring back the top prize at food festivals for their incredible tacos, most notably dat crunchy shrimp.

8. Urban Oven

Redondo Beach

Is it safe to have a live wood fire on a moving vehicle? Probably not, but then THIS PIZZA.

9. Pico House

West Los Angeles

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Whole grain bowls come topped with short rib, lamb, and all kinds of delicious pickly salads.

10. Alegria

Canoga Park

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Reliably solid burgers and salads and sandwiches and stuff can be found on this curbside standby.

11. Prince of Venice

Cheviot Hills

But for reals, guys, there is an actual Venetian prince behind this truck. And he makes killer handmade pasta, among other things. It’s royally good.

12. Grilled Cheese Truck


You have not lived until you’ve had the Cheesy Mac & Rib. So if you have always felt an empty hollow deep in your soul, we suggest you try to fill it with grilled cheese.

13. Jogasaki Sushi Burrito


We have seen many a mash-up concept go awry. This is not one of them. Nothing could be wrong with what’s essentially a giant sushi roll wrapped in soy paper. Pricey, but worth it.

14. Yeastie Boys


L.A. is hard up for good bagels, which is why it makes sense for Yeastie Boys to try to cover the whole dang city on wheels.

15. Peaches’ Truck


There are a lot of L.A. barbecue trucks, but this one is our favorite, from the team behind DTLA’s Poppy & Rose.

16. Ricky’s Fish Tacos

Loz Feliz

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We’ve been hitting this guy up since he was frying fish under an umbrella in Los Feliz. The digs may have changed, but the incredible, lightly-battered fish tacos are as good as ever.

17. Cousins Main Lobster

West Hollywood

Do we really need to sell you on lobster + buttery bun? It’s not the most frugal option out there, but hey, LOBSTER.

18. South Philly Experience


We get a cheesesteak ‘wit’ and bacon wiz fries. We suggest you do the same.

19. Tacos El Korita

Redondo Beach

Handmade tacos set this classic asada slinger apart from the rest of ’em.

20. Carnitas El Momo

Boyle Heights

It doesn’t get much better than the jiggly, wiggly, slow-roasted pork from the gang at El Momo.

21. Tacos Quetzalcoatl

East Los Angeles 

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Go for the lamb barbacoa, huaraches, and tacos with wilted wild greens.

22. Leo’s Tacos


Leo’s has the al pastor game on lock. The ever present line here is worth waiting in.

23. Taco Zone

Echo Park

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Tacos Arizas or Taco Zone? It’s the Pepsi or Coke? question of the Eastside. We love both, but will give Taco Zone the edge here for its excellent buche.

24. Tacos La Fonda

North Hollywood

Handmade tortillas and top-notch cabeza (yes, it’s what you think) bring the hungry and adventurous to North Hollywood on the regs.

25. Tacos Los Guichos


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Go for the Mexico City style carnitas here, only available on weekends.