T.G.I. Friday’s Goes Kogi


Well, Roy Choi, you’ve really done it. T.G.I. Friday’s has announced that among its 17 new menu items will be a platter of “Korean Steak Tacos.”

Straight from the TGI Friday’s menu:

Three corn tortillas filled with strips of marinated Black Angus flat iron steak, then topped with ginger-lime slaw, cucumbers, fresh cilantro, basil and Sriracha sauce. Served with jasmine rice pilaf.

Ok, it’s not exactly Kogi. And what? Did market research prove that Middle America is frightened by the word kimchi? Still, you can’t help but appreciate how quickly something goes from a cult fusion food truck to the menu of America’s heartland.  

The tacos are on Friday’s menus now, alongside the Jack Daniel’s chicken sandwich, pan-seared parmesan flounder (just, wow), and tostada nachos.