Terrine Serves Long-Weekend Brunch

The french toast is frosted and eggs go to purgatory for Kris Morningstar’s new brunch menu

Lazing the afternoon away on a sunny patio is indulgent. Add a menu of dishes dreamed up by Kris Morningstar paired with a cocktail or two, and you’re in for real luxury. That’s what happening at Terrine, the former Ray’s & Stark Bar chef’s new Beverly Boulevard spot with restaurateur Stephane Bombet (Faith & Flower, Picca), which debuted its dinner service in December and has just added a long-weekend brunch.

Kris Morningstar's Eggs in Purgatory features pecorino and lots of heat.
Kris Morningstar’s Eggs in Purgatory features pecorino and lots of heat.

Photograph by Valentina Silva

The restaurant’s California brasserie approach makes for a menu of daytime extravagances, served every Friday through Sunday, designed to instill incorrigible cravings. For instance, there’s the Pain Perdu, two thick slices of vanilla-battered french toast topped with a big dollop of sea-salt caramel frosting. Yes, frosting. Also hard to get off the mind is the Eggs in Purgatory, a dish that might best be described as “eggs parmesan,” though the layer of melted cheese that the baked eggs nestle under is actually pecorino, and the tangy tomato sauce has a fiery streak–we dare you not to scrape the sides of the dish. Even the granola is punched up with roasted pears and anglaise sauce while salads are topped with bacon and eggs.

Some of the most popular items from the dinner menu also show up for brunch. The house-made charcuterie, a stellar array, includes andouille, addictive pork rillettes, honey mustard, pickles, and olives. Fish and chips, a pairing of delicate, flaky fried fish and golden fries, is available, too, along with pizza (we vote for the one topped with house-cured anchovies), steak frites, and herbed spaetzle.

Day drinkers will be glad to know that there’s a full list of bright and refreshing cocktails by Ryan Wainwright (formerly of The Tasting Kitchen) created specifically for brunch–the light but stiff Italian Soda with Campari, Cynar, and Pilsner might be our new favorite way to sip the day away.

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