Taste for a Cure


I needed to feel good about myself so I decided to eat gourmet dishes from Cut, XIV, Osteria Mozza at the annual Taste for a Cure shindig and the money goes to UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation. Napa Valley’s Oakville Winegrowers set up beaucoup tables for their beverages and by the time I hit Robert Mondavi Winery I was feeling really philanthropic. AK Restaurant, The Bazaar and Border Grill also doled out dishes to Dennis Haysbert and loads of Fox execs (Gary Newman and Dana Walden—Chairmen of Twentieth Century Fox Television) were honored. I was at an event with Fox Films Chairman Tom Rothman a few weeks ago and he quoted his father, “Always eat first before having dinner with gentiles.” I spotted him wandering around. I think there was even enough grub for him at various stations throughout the Bev Wil. Kiefer Sutherland dropped by (in spite of the fact that one of the acts on his music label was having a “big” night) and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and James Valentine performed their hits. As the night was winding down I flipped through the tribute book and there was an ad seemingly from Barack Obama (complete with presidential seal and signature: I didn’t catch the disclaimer until later, turns out it was from one of the Fox producers) “Dana and Gary, Congratulations on a wonderful honor…P.S. Thanks for keeping Greg Garcia employed for so long. I suggested that he also buy an ad but I’m betting the cheap bastard doesn’t.”

Photographs by of Vince Bucci/BUCCI PHOTOS