Take-Out Tip of the Day: Rossoblu Is Back for Curbside Takeout

A daily dining idea when you can only eat in

After closing completely for a few weeks, downtown favorite Rossoblu has returned with curbside takeout that can be ordered on Toast.

You can grab pasta kits with pre-made sauces and whip up your own tagliatelle bolognese or tortellini with sage brown butter. If that sounds like too much work, opt for prepared options that are all ready to go. There are multiple lasagnas (comforting), meatballs and even chef Steve Samson’s famed Parmigiano Reggiano dumplings in broth, which were recently featured on Top Chef.


The restaurant also has a number of wines priced under $39 on offer, along with negronis for two, and grocery staples like sugar, flour, and anchovy butter. Perhaps that last one isn’t really a basic staple, but it should be. Rossoblu also has and is involved with various charitable initiatives to feed hospice families, first responders, and restaurant workers. For more information and links to make a tax-deductible donation, visit the restaurant’s website.

Rossoblu, 1124 San Julien St., downtown.

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