Take-Out Tip of the Day: Nicole Rucker Is Selling Her Incredible Pastries in Two Locations

A daily dining idea when you can only eat in

Plan ahead for your sweet treat needs. Supremely talented pastry chef Nicole Rucker is now offering her Fat + Flour goodies for curbside pickup from Grand Central Market (on the Hill Street Side) or at Dinosaur Coffee in Silver Lake. Last week was Rucker’s first back in action, and she quickly sold out. Her offerings this week went live earlier today, and they include both the excellent key lime pie for which she’s known and a seasonal cherry apple almond crumble pie, along with chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough.


Preorder now for Friday or Saturday pickup. Prefer to do some of your own baking? You can also order Rucker’s beautiful cookbook, Dappled: Baking Recipe for Fruit Lovers, via the Fat + Flour site.

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