The Best Thanksgiving Takeout Options for Any Size Gathering

Thanksgiving might look different this year, but you can still indulge in a great meal

The 2020 holiday season will likely be a bittersweet one for many families, with lots of us celebrating alone, with a roommate, or with just our immediate family, rather than the collection of relatives we might normally look forward to seeing. For many of us, it might be the first time we’re in charge of putting together the big meal for our household, which can be stressful even for a small group. That’s where these Thanksgiving takeout options come in. Book ahead and you’ll have the picture perfect feast on the table, even in this least picture perfect of years.

Thanksgiving Classics

If you’re looking for the comfort of turkey, potatoes, and pie, these local restaurants have the Thanksgiving takeout you crave.

baltaire thanksgiving takeout



Elegant Baltaire offers a luxe Thanksgiving takeout menu, available with turkey or without. Caviar service, extra desserts, and black truffle mac and cheese are available as supplements.

The Turkey: Roasted ten pound (for four) or 14 pound (for six to eight) free-range Mary’s turkey

Side Highlights: Cranberry-blood orange compote; butternut squash bisque; heirloom carrots

Is There Pie? Pumpkin pie, included

Grand Central Market


Several Grand Central Market vendors have banded together on a collaborative Thanksgiving takeout package that includes the best of several worlds, sized for groups of four or six.

The Turkey: Eight pound turkey from Belcampo

Side Highlights: Cheese, jam, and cracker board by DTLA Cheese, sweet potato casserole, potato salad, and coleslaw by Horse Thief BBQ, mashed potatoes, biscuit stuffing, cranberry sauce, and tamales by Lucky Bird

Is There Pie? A nine-inch double crust apple pie from Fat & Flour

Luques Catering

Beverly Hills

Groups of any size can order a complete feast for pick-up or home delivery. In addition to the dinner packages, an array of additional sides, breads, desserts, starters, and more are available a la carte.

The Turkey: Either an oven-ready whole turkey (serves eight to ten) or half turkey breast (serves four)

Side Highlights: Traditional stuffing; Brussels sprouts with pancetta and thyme; Parker House rolls; sweet potatoes with romesco, sherry, and roasted shallots

Is There Pie? Selection of heirloom pumpkin pie, Suzanne’s pecan tart, apple-cranberry crumble, or chocolate s’mores tart


Arts District

Understanding that many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving 2020 solo or with just one other person, Manuela has designed their Southern-influenced feast to feed two. Vegan and vegetarian options are available.

The Turkey: Smoked heritage turkey with dark meat confit (or swap the turkey for grape must and honey glazed Col. Newsom’s Preacher ham or a vegetarian mushroom pot pie)

Side Highlights: Yukon gold mashed potatoes; ham-braised green beans with puffed wild rice, toasted almond, and chervil; smoked chicken sausage stuffing

Is There Pie? Pumpkin pie

Jame Enoteca & Ospi

El Segundo, Venice

This pair of sister restaurants will offer the same menu for pick-up from either locations. The a la carte options of family-style portions mean you can mix-and-match your ideal meal.

The Turkey: Whole Mary’s turkey

Side Highlights: Kuri squash toasts, haricot vert “casserole,” Yukon Gold potato puree, macaroni gratin

Is There Pie? So much pie. Choose from Pumpkin, “gooey pecan,” or Meyer lemon, with the option to add fresh whipped cream.

Dialouge x Pasjoli

Santa Monica

Dave Beran’s sister restaurants, Pasjoli and the soon-to-shutter Dialogue, are working together on a ready-to-eat Thanksgiving takeout meal. Guests can select a full meal with turkey or a “just the sides, please” set. Paired wine selections and pre-batched cocktails also available.

The Turkey: Individual portions of roasted turkey breast and leg meat

Side Highlights: Potatoes gratin, herbes de Provence stuffing, green bean casserole, autumn market salad

Is There Pie? Pumpkin Basque cheesecake and apple cobbler are included in the meal

Great White Rotisseria


With all the snazzy presentation of a whole bird, but scaled down for a smaller group, Great White Rotisseria puts a chicken at the center of its meal pack, designed for four diners. Items are also available a la carte, and can be picked up any time between November 19 and 25 to accomodate a variety of schedules.

The Turkey: Whole, all natural rotisserie chicken, cooked with herb stuffing

Side Highlights: Mashed potatoes, honeynut squash-corn dip with fresh pita bread, Munak Ranch tomato jam.

Is There Pie? No; try one of our favorite places to buy a pie.

nick and stef thanksgiving takeout turkey

Nick + Stef’s Steakhouse


Open on Thanksgiving for takeout or dine-in, with the full menu available in addition to the seasonal specials. So if you’d rather have a steak for Thanksgiving, nobody is going to stop you.

The Turkey: Whole, all natural rotisserie chicken, cooked with herb stuffing

Side Highlights: Mashed potatoes, honeynut squash-corn dip with fresh pita bread, Munak Ranch tomato jam.

Is There Pie? No; try one of our favorite places to buy a pie.

Little Dom’s

Los Feliz

Little Dom’s is bringing back their famous fried turkeys–but if you want one, be sure to act fast, as they typically sell out well in advance and there’s no reason to assume the competition won’t be even stiffer this year.

The Turkey: Golden and deep fried, Little Dom’s claims their turkey is “world renowned”

Side Highlights: Fennel sausage and mushroom stuffing, two different preparations of Brussels sprouts, vegan yams with coconut cream, roasted heirloom carrots

Is There Pie? No but other desserts are available


West Hollywood

Stylish spot Norah offers a complete meal kit for four, available for takeout or delivery. Orders must be received by November 16.

The Turkey: Seasoned, browned crown and boneless legs, ready for you to finish baking at home

Side Highlights: Cast iron cornbread with rosemary honey butter, bourbon mashed sweet potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce

Is There Pie? No; try one of our favorite places to buy a pie.



Priced per person and delivered right to your door, Gwen makes Thanksgiving easy for solo diners or larger households.

The Turkey: Herb-roasted, sliced turkey breast and confit dark meat

Side Highlights: Cranberry-dried cherry sauce; mushroom brioche stuffing; mashed sweet potatoes with pecan; apple cider glazed Brussels sprouts

Is There Pie? Pumpkin pot de creme.

Uplifters Kitchen

Santa Monica

This cafe’s holiday menu is billed as “everything but the turkey” and while you won’t find the centerpiece bird, there are plenty of sides, apps, soups, and baked goods to fill the rest of your table. Everything is vegetarian, and many items are available vegan and/or gluten free.

The Turkey: Not available

Side Highlights: Roasted beets with whipped feta, smashed garlic-rosemary potatoes, farro-stuffed acorn squash with tahini dressing, green beans with pomegranate, walnut, and chimmichurri

Is There Pie? Pumpkin pie, apple pie, seasonal fruit galette, seasonal fruit crumble, maple upside-down pear cake

wexlers thanksgiving takeout

Wexler’s Deli

Santa Monica & Downtown L.A.

The Thanksgiving takeout pack from Wexler’s is a full meal for four to six, featuring a smoked turkey and assorted fixings that nod to the deli’s Jewish heritage, and includes a kit for making next-day sandwiches. The menu offers the opportunity to “class it up with caviar” at various price-points.

The Turkey: Smoked whole Mary’s free range turkey

Side Highlights: Challah bread stuffing with mushroom and sage; roasted market carrots with honey and rosemary; autumn squash soup

Is There Pie? Add a pumpkin pie or pecan pie from Cake Monkey for $25 each


Venice, Pasadena, North Hollywood

Designed for groups of four to six or ten to 12, Superba is offering Thanksgiving takeout at all three locations for the first time ever. Everything is available a la carte, so you can customize your perfect meal. Vegan options and other special requests are welcomed with an advance phone call.

The Turkey: Whole roasted young Mary’s turkey. Glazed Beeler’s ham also available.

Side Highlights: Glazed sweet potatoes; mac and cheese; green beans amandine; cheddar-chive biscuits.

Is There Pie? Honeycrisp apple pie, Cinderella pumpkin pie, or bourbon-chocolate-pecan pie.


Beverly Grove

Choose a prix fixe kit with everything included (available in servings for four or eight), or pick and choose your favorite sides from an a la carte selection and prep your own turkey. Orders must be called in by 6 p.m. on November 21, but the restaurant says they expect to sell out before then.

The Turkey: Free range Mary’s turkey, sliced breast and confit leg and thigh

Side Highlights: Creamed corn; Tuscan kale in porcini broth; Yukon gold mashed potatoes

Is There Pie? Pumpkin pudding

BOA Steakhouse

West Hollywood & Santa Monica

BOA has put together a super-classic, elegant Thanksgiving dinner pack for four, with everything included. If you want even more sides–or extra sides off the BOA menu that aren’t part of the kit–they’re available to add a la carte.

The Turkey: Mary’s “homestyle” boneless turkey breast and confit leg meat.

Side Highlights: Traditional mushroom stuffing; mashed potatoes; sweet potato purée; green beans almandine

Is There Pie? Choice of pecan, pumpkin, or apple

The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills

This large and luxurious meal kit feeds eight to 10 guests (or creates plenty of leftovers for a smaller group). Certain selections are also available a la carte in smaller portions. As befits the glam location, the Thanksgiving takeout service involves “red carpet curbside pick-up.”

The Turkey: Whole 14-16 pound roasted organic turkey from Diestel Farm

Side Highlights: Honeynut squash soup with duck confit and huckleberry coulis; pear and croissant stuffing; Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and pancetta

Is There Pie? Two, in fact: pick a pair from pumpkin, apple, bourbon-pecan, or chocolate silk

Playa Provisions

Playa del Rey

Everything you need for a Thanksgiving dinner is included in this takeout pack, even containers designed for reheating at home. All the nostalgic classics are included; additional pies, beers, wine, cocktails, and other upgrades are available.

The Turkey: Brined and roasted white and dark meat, available in portions to feed two or six

Side Highlights: Turkey sausage and butternut squash stuffing; roasted garlic smashed red potatoes; roasted yams with toasted Earl Grey marshmallow fluff

Is There Pie? Pumpkin pie with whipped cream is included, additional options available

Manhattan Beach Post

Manhattan Beach

The teams behind Manhattan Beach Post, the Arthur J, and Fishing with Dynamite, are working together on a Thanksgiving menu that includes some popular dishes from each, plus some holiday specials. They’re also offering wines and cocktails to-go. All items are priced a la carte.

The Turkey: You’ll get a 15- to 17-pound, naturally raised Diestel turkey, prepped for you to roast at home, along with vegetables and herb butter; beef roasts also available

Side Highlights: Bacon-cheddar buttermilk biscuits with maple butter; Arthur J’s buttery mashed potatoes; candied yams with bourbon glaze and spiced pecans; Fishing with Dynamite’s jumbo shrimp cocktail

Is There Pie? Pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies available

Loews Santa Monica

Santa Monica

Westsiders can pick up a complete Thanskgiving meal, tailored to the size of their group. Packages are available for two to four guests, six to eight guests, and gatherings of 10 and up (hopefully all co-habitants). Use Resy to book a specific time-slot for contactless pickup on November 26.

The Turkey: Maple-rosemary brined Diestel, portioned according to your group size.

Side Highlights:The solid gold classics, including haricots verts almondine, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, and wild mushroom stuffing

Is There Pie? Pumpkin or pecan

Less “Traditional” Options

This hasn’t exactly been a traditional year, and maybe the idea of a full-on feast just doesn’t make sense for you. We say, that’s totally OK. Do whatever you want–or nothing at all. For something “Thanksgiving-adjacent” but without the whole production, here are a few ideas. 

cafe gratitude thanksgiving takeout

Cafe Gratitude

Larchmont, Venice, Arts District, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach

At least this year, there won’t be anybody around to give you a hard time about your dietary restrictions. Cafe Gratitude has vegan, raw, and gluten-free selections from butternut squash and lentil loaf to vegan pumpkin pie.

Taverna Tony


Swap your heavy turkey dinner for a breezy Greek menu. Thanksgiving takeout meals include 15 different dishes, from dips and meze to meatballs, potatoes, and souvlaki. You may not be able to travel, but at least your tastebuds can.

Poutine Brothers

Culver City

It’s a wild time, maybe eat some disco fries. For this Thanksgiving version, Poutine Brothers top regular or sweet potato fries with cheese curds, turkey, cranberry sauce, crispy onions, and house-made gravy.



During Thanksgiving week, this airy favorite is offering special-edition tamales, stuffed with smoked turkey, roasted pasilla chili, topped with achiote crema and epazote. They’re available for takeout or during dine-in service.



Applying their approach of Mexican with hints of Japanese to the American Thanksgiving table, Hermanito has assembled a modern and appealing option. Instead of turkey, pick from Peking duck with black garlic mole, roasted Mary’s chicken, line-caught tai red snapper, or roasted Colman Family Farms vegetables.


Torrance, Fairfax

Madre is offering a special dish for Thanksgiving that doesn’t involve turkey at all: a pork tenderloin stuffed with pechunga de mezcal (a blend of cinnamon, rice, anise, orange, plantains, apples, pineapple, almonds, plums, and raisins), with coloradito mole. The dish is served with salad and Oaxacan potatoes. 

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches


If your favorite part of Thanksgiving is the leftover sandwiches, who says you have to wait until the next day? Ike’s is offering three versions–Going Home for Thanksgiving, Pumpkin, and Pilgrim–with various combos of seasonal fillings. All can be made vegan, vegetarian, and/or gluten free upon request. 

Strings of Life

West Hollywood

Strings of Life may be Australian, but they’re reinterpreting the American Thanksgiving meal into several cafe offerings. Try a St. Nic sandwich with turkey and cranberry, or a Turkey Gobbler Sausage Roll, which wraps all the faves, from turkey to stuffing to green beans, up in a puff pastry shell. For dessert, try the caramel-pecan cream pie or pumpkin-spice lamingtons.

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