Take-Out Tip of the Day: Creative Sandwiches from Eszett in Silver Lake

A daily dining idea when you can only eat in

The lovely Silver Lake wine bar Eszett, which just opened in December, has drastically changed to suit the times. It’s now operating as Eszett Luncheonette and serving creative sandwiches (for curbside pickup or delivery via Caviar), like a grilled chicken number with caramelized onions and salsa macha and a tuna melt with pimiento cheese and pickled celery on Bub & Grandma’s excellent sourdough bread.


There are also two “dinner for two” options—a green chili with braised pork and a roasted veggie tagine—pantry items, wines and a few sides. (We loved the fries with nori mayonnaise when we checked out the restaurant in early February.)

The idea to focus on sandwiches initially came out of a one-day collaboration with eastside sandwich masters Wax Paper last week that proved quite popular.

“People came out for it. We sold out (only 24 sandwiches) in an hour or so,” says chef Spencer Bezaire, who opened Eszett with his wife Sabrina Bezaire. “But it got me thinking, instead of trying to shape our original menu, which was built around people drinking wine and dining in the space into a take-out scenario, why not make a whole new menu that makes sense for take-out.”

The bottom line, Bezaire says, is “we want to feed people…[it] Feels good to feed people in this fucked-up situation.”

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