Take a Dip with Quarters Korean BBQ’s Meat and Cheese

Beer cocktails add to the festive vibe at the new Chapman Plaza restaurant

Quarters Korean BBQ, which opened in Koreatown’s Chapman Plaza two months ago, is named after the quarter-pound portions of meat you can order, not after the drinking game. But it might as well be, given that the restaurant, run by relatives of the operators of Chapman Plaza mainstay Kang Ho-Dong BaekJeong, is sort of like the drunken college-student sibling of more traditional Korean BBQ spots. This place is fun.

The meat is high-quality, and the service is on point, but the food and drinks have a purposefully ridiculous streak. There’s cheese dip, with a color, consistency, and taste that resembles melted Velveeta (we mean this in a good way), that just shows up with your banchan. It seems to improve pretty much everything you dip into it, including grilled vegetables, steak, pork belly, and assorted spicy meats.

There are Korean nachos with marinated short rib and kimchi. There are beer cocktails, similar to what you find at, um, cheesy chain restaurants, where an upside-down bottle of beer resides on top of a margarita. There are Hang Over combos where you get soju, draft beers, cocktails, or wine along with piles of meat and seafood. (OK, that last part is a Koreatown standard, at least.)

If you’re looking for a typical Korean BBQ experience, this probably isn’t your place. But it’s hard not to have a good time at Quarters. especially when you dip, I dip, we dip.

redarrow Quarters Korean BBQ, 3465 W. Sixth St., C-130, Los Angeles, 213-365-8111