Sushi Donuts are Here and the Internet Is Ablaze with Feelings

Welcome to the wild wild west of food mashups

Sushi donuts (or doughnuts, if you’re wrong) made the news last year when a vegan chef shared her fishless creations on Instagram. Now, thanks to Fountain Valley’s Project Poke, a non-vegan version exists, meaning Angelenos can satisfy their yen for delicious sushi and adorably photogenic foods any time they want.

Sushi donuts anyone!? 😉🙌🏼 #projectpoke 📸: @paulsfoodhaul

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The Orange County restaurant—yet another we wish existed in L.A.—pipes avocado, imitation crab, or spicy tuna into rings of rice and then tops them with masago, cabbage, fresh fish, cucumber, sesame seeds, and radish. The finished product is served atop a square of dried seaweed.

Unlike the sushi donut’s many counterparts in the weird world of food mashups (we’re looking at you, sushi croissant), it isn’t equal parts fish, equal parts hot glazed pastry, for which we are actually grateful; it’s simply sushi ingredients made to look like a donut, a surefire way of securing Instagram infamy. (Because if an itamae makes sushi in the shape of a beloved dessert and no one is there to take a picture, did it even really happen?)

Project Poke isn’t the only joint in SoCal churning out sushi donuts, either. California Sushi Donuts sells their own version at pop ups and food fairs like 626 Night Market, but the company has yet to establish a permanent storefront. Keep an eye on their social media feeds if you can’t bear the idea of facing the world’s worst traffic for the sake of a meal, even if it means at least 100 double taps.