Striped Bass for Two

Patina’s rooftop garden supplies the stuffing for this rarefied fish dish

Photograph by Jessica Boone

The Dish: Striped bass for two
The Chef: Tony Esnault
The Restaurant: Patina  (Disney Concert Hall, 141 S. Grand Ave., downtown, 323-972-3331) 

Striped Bass
The fish, braised in a fennel, garlic, and tomato broth, is presented whole tableside and filleted. “Kids don’t even know what a whole fish looks like.” 

Fennel Bulb, Fennel Flowers
The garden atop Patina is the source of the fennel, which Esnault cooks in olive oil spiced with star anise. 

Red Tomato Syrup
Tomatoes are mashed, brought to a boil, strained, and then reduced to a super-concentrated syrup. 

Garlic and Lemon
“The garlic is just for presentation—it’s what I used in the broth. The lemon slices are actually confit of lemon, so they add nice sweetness and acidity.”