Squid Noodle Pad Thai

Ludovic Lefebvre reveals his main ingredients

Photograph by Jessica Boone

Squid Noodles
“I love the texture of squid. I  cook it slowly at a low temperature to make it tender. Then we slice it very fine to make it look like noodles.”

Red Grapes
“I top the squid with Thai grapefruit, black radish, and raw bean sprouts and add sliced red grapes. They give the dish color, but also the concept is very American: peanut butter and grapes, voila!” 

Spicy Tofu 
“It’s a little condiment of extrasoft tofu mixed with a touch of milk and Thai chili. The texture is like cream cheese—you take a forkful of the squid and a little bit of the tofu in the same bite.”

Peanut Butter Vinaigrette 
“Usually pad thai uses chopped peanuts. I’m in America and people love peanut butter, so I decided to do a drizzle of peanut butter vinaigrette.” 

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