Sprinkles Is Giving Out Free Cupcakes for Tax Day Because Only Sprinkles Understands Our Pain

Cupcake refunds > tax refunds

Whispers can be a lot of things: Sensuous. Mysterious. Careless. Today, they are sweet thanks to L.A.’s OG cupcakery, Sprinkles.

On account of Tax Day, Sprinkles has invented something called a “cupcake refund,” which is just a tax-themed way of saying buy one, get one free. Here’s how it works: Walk into any Sprinkles bakery. Buy a cupcake. Audibly and probably awkwardly whisper-scream the words “cupcake refund” in the face of the man or woman ringing you up. Receive a second cupcake on the house.

The IRS may be greedy sometimes, but that doesn’t give you a right to be—limit one per person.