NOW We’re Excited: Sprinkles Is Making a Solar Eclipse “Black Out” Cupcake

Besides the glasses, the other thing you need Monday

In the Los Angeles area, we’ll only have a partial view of the solar eclipse on August 21, but we have something else going for us, thanks to Sprinkles. The cupcake bakery is celebrating Monday’s rare celestial occurrence by bringing back their darkest, most chocolatey cupcake of all—the “black out” cupcake.

Photo courtesy of Sprinkles

The special cupcake, which Sprinkles describes as “a total eclipse of the taste buds” is made with Dutch process black cocoa and frosted with a whipped chocolate ganache. As with the real eclipse, you’ll only have a brief window of time to appreciate the edible version. Eclipse cupcakes will be available at all Sprinkles locations nationwide from Saturday, August 19, through Monday, August 21, while supplies last.

Photo courtesy of Sprinkles

Southern California has more Sprinkles locations than any other area of the United States, so unlike the actual eclipse we’re in the best possible location to experience this chocolate totality.

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