Spago Offers In-Suite Dining for AKA Beverly Hills Guests

How the other half of the other half lives

Photograph courtesy AKA Beverly Hills

If you’re traveling with an extended stay in Los Angeles (and you expect nothing but the best), there’s nothing quite like the AKA luxury residences in Beverly Hills.

Their multi-level townhouses and Penthouse suites are serious business. And while they sport private kitchens, why in the hell would you want to cook when you’re right next door to Spago? Maybe you’re too busy, tired, or lazy to head down? Even the VIP back-door entrance and the preferred seating you’re guaranteed as an AKA resident aren’t enough to lure you down? No problem. They’ll deliver.

Room service never had it so good, as Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant now offers in-suite dining at AKA Beverly Hills, a service it’s never offered for any other hotel or residence before. An exclusive menu, along with rotating specials, will be available for those fortunate enough to enjoy such posh accomodations while staying in our fine city. Must be nice.

AKA Beverly Hills, 155 North Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills,