Some Like It Hot Pot: The Steamy Specialty at Gardena’s Boiling Point


The term “hot pot” can mean a couple of things when referring to Chinese or Taiwanese cuisine. It can mean the cook-it-yourself Mongolian-style hot pot where diners gather around a large, metal heated pot and dip raw ingredients into hot broth—sort of like fondue. Or it could mean the version with a roiling stew served in a clay pot that is chock full of ingredients, most notably bean curd.

Situated in Gardena, Boiling Point specializes in a hot pot that is sort of a hybrid of the two. Most of the ingredients come fully cooked, as with the clay pot variation, but items such as the Chinese vermicelli or cellophane noodles come raw, as well as some add-ons like sliced meats. In addition, the heated vessel looks like a mini wok heated from beneath by a flaming Sterno.

The lamb hot pot is one of Boiling Point’s top sellers. Brimming with a pink-rimmed fish cake called kamaboko, coagulated pork blood, fried tofu skin, maitake and enoki mushrooms, rare sliced lamb, imitation crab, clam, firm tofu, and pickled mustard greens, this is truly a flaming feast.

Sitting on the table is the condiment to beat all condiments: sweet soy garlic sauce. Pungent, tart, and sweet, it makes everything—especially the lamb meat—twice as tasty.

It’s interesting to note that even with this mosh pit of ingredients, the most assertive flavor comes from the pickled mustard greens, which manage to balance out the gamey nature of the lamb. You can also control the spiciness of your hot pot, with levels ranging from none at all to insane in the membrane.

My advice is to scale back the hotness of your hot pot, and make sure you eat it while it’s hot but not so hot that you’ll get all hot under the collar. The last thing you want is something too hot to handle. Now, that’s hot. 

Boiling Point
15488 S Western Ave
Gardena, CA 90247