So, You Want to Be a Sushi Chef When You Grow Up?

This toy model can help.

There are sushi toy sets, and then there are sushi toy sets. Getting your kid into a good pre-school? Easy. But getting your hands on this incredible toy model of a maguro (tuna) for your budding sushi chef? That’s going to cost you. It’s going to cost you precisely $300, excluding shipping.

Designed by a real-life Japanese fish monger, Kazuyoshi Watanabe, in partnership with toy maker Hobbystock, the tuna sounds like something grown-ups might want to play with as well. Watanabe owns a wholesale stand at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, so it’s safe to say that he takes fish seriously. When he realized that there was a growing interest in the proper way to cut down a fish, he decided to create a unique, anatomically correct toy model that would teach people how to dissect a fish. Included in the multi-piece set is a chopping board, large knife and ice-box like carrying crate. Now, all you need is a kid with knife skills.

Sushi tuna model teaches kids how to dissect maguro [Spoon & Tamago via NYMag]

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