Sneak Peek: Matthew Biancaniello’s L.A. Mag Social Hour Cocktails

You’ve never had cocktails like these…

For Los Angeles magazine’s first ever Social Hour at Cliff’s Edge tonight, bar chef Matthew Biancaniello will be doing what he does best when making cocktails: combining unusual flavors and creating crazy new ones with freshly acquired loot from the farmers market, and some even foraged from his garden.

To get you salivating with anticipation, Matthew shared his event menu with us, including some tasting notes. I really can’t wait to try out his Filipino-inspired cocktail!

Pimm’s Cup #10: infused with rhubarb (from his garden), cherries, apricots, and muddled with cucumbers, radishes, ginger, and shiso. “I infused those things last Wednesday and within two hours I smelled it and I can’t wait to taste it,” said Biancaniello. The result is a “tropical gin” flavor with the apricots and cherries making it more fruity. This is the cocktail he’ll use for his demo when he’ll walk us through the ingredients, proportions and steps.

Summer Forest Punch: wild cactus and carrot blossom infused Art of the Age Sage, Batavia Arrack, and fresh blueberry juice which Matthew described as “out of this world.” The cocktail itself is “gonna have the funkiness, herbaceousness, and grassiness—and that beautiful blueberry flavor.”

Pakistan mulberry-infused Elijah Craig neat: Matthew infused one of my favorite bourbons with Pakistan mulberry, a “cross between a plum and a fig.” Amazingly, he hasn’t tasted this yet and admits he’s really excited to try it. “It’s a nice sipper or amuse bouche. It could work in other drinks but I’m going to first try it out on its own and possibly I’ll do it with a Manhattan. I don’t know yet.”

Filipino surprise cocktail: This is a surprise because it’s still a work in progress with Matthew doing lots of research and visiting Filipino grocery stores. “I haven’t gotten it to where I’m completely satisfied with it yet. It’s a learning experience and out of my comfort zone, in a good way.” But he says the cocktail will showcase Filipino flavors that are primarily used in the cuisine than in cocktails. (I wonder if it’ll have fish sauce!)

His special Social Hour menu will be available from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight. But before and after the party, he’ll also have a Cliff’s Edge cocktail menu which will include the infamous sea urchin cocktail he did for last year’s Ceviche Nights at Mo-Chica, and for anyone looking to stay healthy tonight, there will be a mezcal drink with tequila and kale juice. Kale juice!

Los Angeles magazine Social Hour at Cliff’s Edge, 3626 W. Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake, 323-666-6116