Snack Attack: Beer Chips


The latest addition to the About Dang Time club is here: Beer Chips. These are—if you can’t guess—potato chips made with beer. See, now this is a snack that makes sense. Caffeinated crisps? Not so much.

Opinions were varied when I busted out a bag of the Beer Chips in the office yesterday. Personally, I loved them. They’re sorta sweet, very salty, and of the super crispy kettle-cooked variety. Where does the beer come in? Well for about a split second after I ate the first chip, I swore I could taste the last sip of a flat Bud Light. The weirdest part: I kinda liked it. But then again, I also used to eat those Harry Potter jellybeans that tasted like boogers. (As the magazine’s Dine Editor, I probably shouldn’t have told you that.)

Now, if only they could find a way to make the chips actually alcoholic. I mean, why is it that Jell-O shots have been mankind’s only foray into edible alcohol? We have yogurt in a squeezy tube for god’s sake! Can’t we make a drink I can eat? Why is this so hard?!

The same company also makes Bloody Mary chips that tasted like crunchy V8, and margarita chips that I’m saving for another day (namely, Thursday, which is national Tequila Day.)