This 1980s Speakeasy Will Take You Back to the Era of Just So Damn Much Hairspray

It really was a lot of hairspray

Eric Alperin (The Varnish) and Richard Boccato (Dutch Kills in NYC) have been at the forefront of the cocktail movement since the early days. Their latest, Slipper Clutch (351 S. Broadway), opened Wednesday, and it’s going all in on the highball, which Slipper Clutch serves up from a soda gun.

You can find the bar in the back of Bar Clacson, replete with pinball machines, arcade games, and a general 1980s bar with young men in socially acceptable crop tops talking to women with highly-flammable hair type of vibe. They sell a couple of beers, but it’s really all about the highballs.

Tonight (Thursday night) the bar is offering complimentary shots and screening Star Wars movies, because our collective May the Fourth mania knows no rational bounds.

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