SLIDESHOW: Deep Fry Face-Off! County Fair vs. L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade


Two landmark food events took place last weekend: 1) The final day of the L.A. County Fair and 2) the third-annual L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade charity food fest. One featured live goat milking demos and a knitting pavilion; the other saw celebrity chefs like Jonathan Waxman mingling wih the cast of HBO’s Girls. What both festivities had in common? An abundance of fried stuff. Yes, where last year we saw an plethora of seafood crudo at fancy food fests, this year we’re seeing giant portions of fried clams, chicken legs, beef cheeks, squash blossoms, and more. Take that, LDL!

We were lucky (and gross) enough to hit both happenings, and it was a toss up as to which clogged our arteries with crunchy, grease-soaked deliciousness more. Take a look and you be the judge.

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