Slate Says Californians Eat Only Tofu and Kale

Where does California fit in among the United Steaks of America?

In a piece headed up by a fun infographic, Slate posed the question: if every state could have only one meat, what would it be? Unsurprisingly, Texas’s meat is barbecue and Illinois’s is the Porterhouse steak. New Yorkers got stuck with the hot dog while Florida is apparently home to a whole lot of alligator eaters.

Every state got a meat product—with the exception of California. Slate claims that we only eat kale and tofu. 

‘Cue eye-rolls.

At least we’re not Utah (gelatin) or West Virginia (squirrel). 

Because the author of the Slate article could not think of a meat that was appropriate for California, allow me to suggest:

1. Tri-tip, made famous in Santa Maria and now found at Trader Joe’s and on grills across the state. 

2. Chorizo

3. The Chili-Cheeseburger. The list includes Hamburger (under Connecticut?!), but doesn’t account for the glory (and gut-bomb) that is a cheeseburger smothered in meaty chili.


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