Six Reasons You Should Read Chrissy Teigen’s New Cookbook

The swimsuit model’s debut book, <i>Cravings: Recipes For What You Want to Eat</i> is on shelves today

1. She puts ham on everything.

2. Some of the recipe intros involve her drinking with her husband, John Legend. Once, at New York’s Il Buco, she says, “I threw up so hard in their toilet that I hit my forehead and had to wear fake bangs for a week.”

3. She cusses a lot, though not excessively.

4. Her explanation about being Thai American: “half of me—my white half—loves stuffing cheese into things…. my Thai half loves stuffing meats into things. So 100 percent of me is genetically predisposed to want to stuff things inside of other things.”

5. She shares an authentic recipe for spicy papaya salad and then talks about sucking the seasoning from pieces of Gardetto’s snack mix and putting them back in the bag.

6. Pictures of Chrissy Teigen.