Simmer Down: A Word About Women in Our Chefs Issue


We’re proud as pancakes that our first-ever Chefs of the Year issue is finally hitting newsstands. But there is one thing we wish were different: We would prefer that there were more women profiled in our pages. Zoe Nathan, Roxana Jullapat, and Suzanne Goin are the much deserving female representatives, but we understand you might think that three out of 23 (three awards went to couples) doesn’t cut it, and, well, you’re right.

So where are they? We asked ourselves the same question as we went over our top choices. There are certainly some exceptionally talented women in kitchens all over L.A.: Josie Le Balch, Nancy Silverton, Suzanne Tracht, Susan Feniger, Akasha Richmond, Antonia Lofaso, Nyesha Arrington. But when we were revisiting restaurants and looking closely at chef accomplishments, we went with the chefs who excited us most this year. (For a more indepth look at what the awards mean, check out our online preface.)

Which means, for this issue, we ended up with three female chefs on this list.  Would we like more women on this list? Yes, and we hope there are more next year. We nonetheless stand by this roundup as a thorough, thoughtful, and authoritative look at the best of 2012 and we hope you enjoy it as such.

If you think there’s a terrific female chef missing from the issue, by all means let us know. Chances are we considered them, but if we haven’t, we’re always eager to find and celebrate rising talent and look forward to your feedback. As an editor,  being inspired by the L.A. restaurant scene makes this job worth doing and, we hope, worth reading. Well, that and all the amazing food.