Silver Lake Wine and Heirloom L.A. Teaming Up for Highland Park Restaurant and Wine Shop

Here comes HPPO, a new project from chef Matt Poley

Big things are afoot in Highland Park. It’s been announced this week, according to Eater LA., that Silver Lake Wine’s Randy Clement and Heirloom L.A. co-owners Matthew Poley and Tara Maxey will be joining forces to open a multi-concept along Figueroa that will contain a wine shop, restaurant, to-go pizza shop, and more inside a huge 7,000-square-foot, one-story space.

The main attraction will be a restaurant called HPPO (short for Highland Park Post Office and pronounced “hippo”) that will be run by local catering company Heirloom L.A., best known for their dynamite lasagna cupcakes. Poley and Maxey currently operate a food truck in addition to catering but they don’t yet have a brick and mortar location. Other concepts include new locations of Silver Lake Wine and Intelligentsia Coffee, plus a pizza spot dubbed Super Charley which will offer pizza by the slice, take-out, and delivery.

The new, as-yet-unnamed complex won’t be lonely: on the same block are stylized dive bar La Cuevita and charming vegan-friendly café Kitchen Mouse, while the ever-popular Good Girl Dinette is just a few blocks south. If you needed any more reason to believe that Highland Park has become one of the city’s top drinking and dining destinations, here it is.