Sign of the Apocalypse #3,728


Ever said something like this to yourself:

“Gee, I love energy, but I just hate drinking.” Or “My three 6 a.m. Red Bulls just aren’t doing it for me anymore. What do you mean I’m shouting?”  Or simply, “I’m hungry and tired!” Well, enter Engobi, the caffeinated snack chip. But not just any caffeinated chip—a chip with 70-percent more caffeine than regular energy drinks!

I stumbled across this yesterday on one of my favorite blogs, Geekologie, and immediately wondered if it’s at all possible to commit suicide with a mechanical pencil. Seriously? How tired are you?! Beyond any obvious concerns over mixing the “can’t eat just one” potential of chips with the “can’t feel my feet” nature of heavy stimulant consumption, I see a possible problem with future demand. I mean, caffeine is an appetite suppressant, right?

Anyway, I was going to wait to post this until my order arrived and I was able to tell you about these lemon- or cinnamon sugar- flavored snack bites first hand (and in all caps, no doubt). But seeing as I’m not sure these are going to be legal by the time they’re shipped, I thought now was the time.