A Local Restaurant Is Taking Temperatures to Weed Out Customers Who Might Carry Coronavirus

They’re taking extra precautions

Sichuan Impression is taking a bold step to keep its restaurants in Alhambra, Tustin, and West L.A. coronavirus-free. Before you can sit down for your plate of toothpick lamb, you’ll have to submit to having your temperature taken via infrared thermometer.


The restaurant group was an early adopter of this method of coronavirus vigilance, instituting the policy in late January, a month before the first person in the U.S. died from the illness. Management had been closely watching the outbreak spread in China–and the negative impact coronavirus fears were beginning to have on Chinese-run businesses here.

In addition to rejecting would-be diners running temps over 99.8 degrees, Sichuan Impression is asking all employees to go through “brief physicals” twice per day, and is taking an aggressive approach to disinfecting all surfaces.

“We have family in China, so we understand the importance of doing everything we can to protect both our customers and our workers,” co-owner Kelly Xiao told the Orange County Register. “Everybody has a responsibility to do what they can do.”


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