Shuck Yeah: Vertical Wine Bistro’s Raw Bar Rises Beyond Oysters and Clams

Chef Laurent Quenioux’s new spread of seafood features whelks, Scottish langoustines, Spanish shrimp, and Dungeness crab legs

Chef Laurent Quenioux is launching his new weekly raw bar at Vertical Wine Bistro in Old Pasadena today, and it goes deep into the world’s oceans to offer a diverse collection of briny bliss.

Yes, there are the requisite oysters and littleneck clams, but Quenioux will also serve bulots (that’s French for whelks), bigorneaux (small sea snails), Scottish langoustines, Spanish and Portuguese shrimp, Maine lobster, Nantucket Bay scallops, and live sea urchin. While raw bars are all over L.A., what Quenioux is doing could be special, evoking the feeling of shopping in a Paris marche or touring Europe with the most seafood-obsessed chefs like Wynn Las Vegas’ Paul Bartolotta, the man with the world’s best langoustines.

You might not have previously encountered some of Quenioux’s seafood, like his hard-to-find New Zealand flat oysters, but that’s the point.

The raw bar will be on Thursdays through Saturdays and might expand to other evenings.

redarrowVertical Wine Bistro, 70 Raymond Ave., Pasadena, 626-795-3999