Seven Grand Samples “Cask of Dreams” Scotch Tonight


Looking to wet your whistle with some of Scotland’s finest whisky (proper spelling) this side of the Isles?

If you hurry over to Seven Grand tonight at 8:30pm, home to one of downtown’s most extensive scotch collections, you might find Mitch Bechard from Glenfiddich rolling out their Cask Of Dreams Scotch Whisky for a limited capacity tasting. “Cask of Dreams” is a special edition single malt scotch that has been aged for least 14 years in vintage American oak barrels, designed to commemorate the distilleries’ 125th anniversary. The empty oak barrels were distrubuted across the country last year, where whisky fans signed their names and wrote odes to their the scotch of their dreams on the side. Glenfiddich then aged the whisky inside the barrels until it was released a few days ago.

Glenfiddich is only producing 3,500 bottles, meaning that tonight’s tasting is a rare chance to sample this small-batch wonder. To RSVP you must be a member of the Seven Grand’s Whiskey Society, which costs a $70 annual membership, but scores you access to monthly tastings and other special events. More information can be found here.