Seriously, What’s Up with All the Fried Chicken?



I sometimes forget that my four to five nights a week dining schedule is not exactly the norm. It puts me in the unique position of getting to try loads of different dishes, only a shameful few of which ever make it into the magazine. So, I figured I’d start a recurring Digest column entitled “Something I Ate that was Good,” in which I’ll point out—oh, hell, you get the point.

For today’s edition: The Beef and Pickle Taco @ Malo

Some pals of mine just moved into an incredible house (like, you sort of want to burn it down it’s so nice) that just happens to be walking distance to Malo in Silver Lake. That’s a double bonus—not only does it mean they’re always down for a quick Mexican bite or a margarita, but also I can park at their place. (Confession: the difficulty of finding a parking space at a particular restaurant directly correlates to the probability of my going there. Take note restaurateurs!)  Monday nights are Tequila Nights at Malo, which means tacos ranging from $1 to $2.50 each (cheap by Silver Lake standards) and discount specialty cocktails. Now, this was not my first rodeo, so I ordered a couple of old favorites: The Chewy Chips—some cooking accident-cum-signature dish that involves thick, oily, floppy tortilla chips (they’re always skating that edge between gross and good, which oftentimes results in magnificence) and the crispy beef and pickle taco. Dill pickle pieces, ground beef, shredded cheddar stuffed in a tortilla that is then fried. Yes please, I think I will have another. Washed it down with the $6 margarita and I was happy as a, well, as a taco. The only thing better was when my friend asked if the waiter could “slip a pickle” into her soy-rizo taco—as you can imagine, hilarity ensued. 


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Los Angeles, CA 90029