Seder Plate

Served only one night a year, a Passover ritual goes upscale at Jar

The Dish: Seder Plate
The Chef: Suzanne Tracht
The Restaurant: Jar (8225 Beverly Blvd., L.A., 323-655-6566)

“Everything on the plate is from the farmers’ market. I choose whatever apple looks best, usually honeycrisp. Then we incorporate dates, walnuts, dried apricots, and a lot of Manischewitz.” 

Spring Green
“At one point diners pick up the scallions and beat each other with them to represent that we’re not slaves anymore. The kids love it.” 

“I pass around a bowl of farm-fresh hard-boiled eggs for those who want them, but I also incorporate eggs into the meal. Last year I served spring asparagus and put a poached egg on top.” 

The Plate
?The dish features compartments for each symbolic food. “This one was made in Israel by an artist named Yair Emanuel—same as my Kiddish cup.” 

Shank Bone
?Sonoma lamb is roasted or braised. The shank bone, symbolizing the blood spread on the door in Moses’ day, ends up here, while the tender leg meat is worked into the meal.

Photograph by Jessica Boone