Say Goodbye to Hatfield’s

Chefs Quinn and Karen Hatfield’s eponymous fine dining destination will close at the end of the month

Sad news this morning for lovers of yellowtail croque madames and really, really good desserts: Hatfield’s, Karen & Quinn’s eponymous Melrose restaurant, is ending its run at the end of the month after 8 years of business.

“The restaurant has had an amazing run and we are grateful for all of our loyal patrons throughout the years,” said Karen in a statement. “This decision is bittersweet for Quinn and I, but we’re excited for what’s to come. Our efforts will be focused on the opening of our newest restaurant this month, Odys + Penelope, and continuing to deliver a high-quality experience at The Sycamore Kitchen.”

In 2010 the restaurant relocated from its original Beverly Boulevard cubby to a newer, bigger, brighter location on Melrose, earning a perfect ‘four out of four stars’ review from Los Angeles restaurant critic Patric Kuh.

“I tend to eat more slowly when something is really good, and at the first Hatfield’s I remember eating at a crawl,” Kuh wrote in his 2010 review. “I didn’t want to miss how the cantaloupe froth heightened the flavors of the Dungeness crab salad, or how the buttered brioche amplified the lushness of sashimi and prosciutto in the croque madame. The desserts, which Karen would prepare before changing into dressy clothes to run the dining room, matched Quinn’s minutely calibrated handiwork. The way the buttery phyllo wafers crackled to reveal wisps of mascarpone dotted with summery berries was a feat of brilliance.” (Read the original review in full, here.)

We’re comforted by the fact that this kind of cooking will no doubt be on display, but in a slightly more accessible form, at Odys + Penelope, what the couple is calling their “modern take on the grill concept” opening soon on La Brea Avenue. And of course, Sycamore Kitchen is still the reason we get up early enough to catch the salted caramel pecan babka rolls while they’re warm.

redarrowHatfield’s, 6703 Melrose Avenue, L.A., 323-935-2977