McDonald’s Is Dedicating a Meal to L.A. Rapper Saweetie, Infamous Food ‘Remixer’

The woman who gave us ranch spaghetti and BBQ sauce oysters is getting her own Big Mac combo

Coming off the success of its BTS meal—and the Travis Scott and J Balvin meals before it— fast food giant McDonald’s announced today that it’s partnering with L.A. rapper Saweetie on a value meal meant to draw music fans to its caloric confines. Besides being the first woman the brand has tapped for one of these splashy menu specials, Saweetie is the first to have established herself as something of a food influencer, which she’s done mostly by making food recommendations on social media that baffle her followers.

Her affection for spaghetti topped with a generous squirt of Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing sparked an entire Twitter debate among people who thought it sounded fine (hell, I cosign pizza dipped in ranch) and those who likened the star to a “drunk Nebraska frat boy.” She’s also been known to top raw oysters with both Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and powdered ramen noodle seasoning, and to put Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on pizza.

Besides being slightly excessive, the Saweetie meal is pretty tame at first blush: a Big Mac, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a medium Sprite, and a “Saweetie ‘N Sour” sauce. But the brand is also encouraging people to “remix” their meals Saweetie style, releasing a vertigo-inducing image on social media that shows chicken nuggets stuffed into a bun topped with ketchup, fries hovering between two burger patties, and a Big Mac (which already packs 563 calories) topped with fries instead of a bun.

The meal goes on sale August 9.

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