Save the Date: Grist & Toll’s Bread Baking Series

Learn how to bake with stone ground, whole grain flour

You may have never baked a loaf of bread in your life, or you may be a seasoned baker. Either way, the upcoming class at Pasadena’s Grist & Toll—an artisanal flour mill—will guide students through the building blocks of a basic loaf all while offering tips and techniques to use when working with stone ground whole grain flour.

The new mill in Pasadena has been selling its flour to chefs and curious bakers around town for the past few months. But if you’ve never used stone ground whole grain flour (without any additives), you may not be attuned to its variances. And, each grain (wheat, rye, buckwheat, etc.) produces flour that react differently to yeast, kneading, rising, and baking.

Grist & Toll’s first baking class takes place on Sunday, April 13 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. The full day course is open to both novice and experienced bakers. Class instructors Michael O’Malley and Nan Kohler will show students how the mill works, go through the basics of stone ground grain, and guide the class through the making of a loaf of bread—including the final bake. A light lunch is included in the $125 tuition price. Reservations must be made in advance online by visiting Grist & Toll, 990 S. Arroyo Parkway #1, Pasadena,