Save Sriracha! Support Huy Fong Foods Tomorrow

A hearing at Irwindale City Hall determines the fate of everyone’s favorite hot sauce

Rooster heads: unite! A hearing tomorrow, Wednesday, February 26 at Irwindale City Hall will address the allegations of odors emanating from the Huy Fong Foods factory. Owner David Tran and other company representatives will be present and are encouraging fans to attend the meeting to show their support for the brand’s signature sauce, Sriracha. Huy Fong Foods maintains that its factory is not causing the offensive odors that local residents and city officials cite in their formal complaint. There’s even a banner outside the factory that spells out the message: “No Tear Gas Made Here.”

Fans, united by Sriracha cookbook author Randy Clemens, have already organized a meeting.

The Save Sriracha Rally takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, February 26 and 6:30 p.m. at Irwindale City Hall, 5050 N. Irwindale Ave., Irwindale. SAVE SRIRACHA! Rally — 2/26 in Irwindale, CA [The Sriracha Cookbook blog]