Santa Monica’s Belcampo Meat Co. Upgrades Lunch

A very good reason to leave the office

Wouldn’t it be nice to turn lunch from that meal where we shove a veggie burger down our gullets between meetings into an actual reprieve from our nonstop work days? Like, how the Spanish do it?

Santa Monica’s Belcampo Meat Co. is no tapas restaurant, but it does see the value is a thoughtful, leisurely mid-day meal. Chef Maiki Le just launched a new lunch menu, “spotlighting Belcampo meat that is 100 percent sourced from their farms in the Shasta Valley.”

Le is emphasizing items like the BLT, with British bacon and heirloom tomato, and the Lamb Burger, with poblano chilies and a Bread Bar brioche. Plant eaters are not disregarded; a new kale and avocado salad is there for the taking, and grilled chicken or seared sirloin steak can be added. Tallow fries are also a nice option. And just like in Spain, a full cocktail menu is available for lunch. Belcampo brunch is also there for the taking, Westsiders.

Belcampo Meat Co., 1026 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 424-744-8008