Santa Monica Gets Its Slurp on at Jinya Ramen Bar

Tonkotsu bowls are popular even on hot days

It was a fun sight to see Friday in Santa Monica, all these people wearing shorts and flip-flops and designer sunglasses, sitting outside in the sun on a hot day, sweating and smiling while slurping rich bowls of porky ramen at a communal table.

Jinya Ramen Bar’s latest outpost has opened on Santa Monica’s Main Street, and it seems like it’s already making some local residents realize that the short drive to Sawtelle for quality ramen isn’t as necessary anymore.

All the Jinya greatest hits are here, from the Tonkotsu Black ramen with its chashu and garlic chips to the Spicy Chicken ramen, along with some dishes that you can’t find at every Jinya, including a shrimp toast, stacked high like Jenga, and a Tokyo Yatai ramen with clear chicken and pork broth, chicken chashu, and difference-making slivers of red pepper. And because this is Jinya, there are more than 20 toppings/add-ons for those who want to customize their ramen bowls. Craving more garlic in the already garlic-heavy Cha Cha Cha bowl? Don’t worry, you’re not the first person who’s made that request.

Jinya’s Santa Monica location is open seven days a week from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

redarrow Jinya Ramen Bar, 2400 Main St., 310-392-4466