Samba With Feijoada This Sunday at the Sofitel

A Brazilian weekend tradition from the pubs and bars in Rio and São Paulo comes to Beverly Hills

While Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo have their differences, one thing inhabitants of both cities can agree on is that samba and feijoada—the famous bean stew filled with salted cuts of beef, sausages, and pork—go together like pizza and ketchup (it’s a Brazilian thing). Wednesdays and Saturdays are the official feijoada days at restaurants, botecos (pubs), and bars, but Saturdays in neighborhoods like Vila Madalena in São Paulo and in downtown Rio, feijoada is a dish best served with samba.

On Sundays, too, as in the case of this Sunday, August 9th at the Riviera 31 lounge at the Sofitel. That’s where legendary samba group Casuarina with special guest Thalma de Freitas will make their first L.A. appearance, along with opening act Daniel Carneiro & Banda New Cycle. Brazilian Nites Productions has brought together these outstanding groups—this is a rare opportunity to hear traditional Brazilian samba music straight from the heart of the bohemian neighborhood of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro with a feijoada completa (the bean stew served with rice), collard greens, farofa (toasted yucca flour), and orange slices. And, a feijoada completa wouldn’t be truly complete without a caipirinha—Brazil’s national cocktail made with cachaça, lime, and sugar over ice.

Feijoada has always been a hard dish to come by in Los Angeles, and many of my favorite places over the years have closed, and other places claiming to serve feijoada are really just serving beans. Chef Victor Boroda of Estérel at the Sofitel will be preparing the feijoada completa, a very labor intensive dish that can take from 2-3 days. You can just buy a ticket to the concert, but no self respecting Brazilian would do such a thing—and neither should you. Go all in for feijoada com samba, and then you’ll understand how Brazilians eat so good and stay so fit.

Brazilian Nites Productions presents Casuarina with special guest Thalma de Freitas, Sunday August 9th, 4pm-10pm, Riviera 31 – Sofitel Hotel, Beverly Hills, tickets available at $25 (General) $40 (Reserved) for music only; $40 (General) $60 (Reserved) for music and feijoada