Salt’s Cure Returns with Bigger Digs and Expanded Menu

Chris Phelps and Zak Walters relocate their meaty spot to Hollywood

If you were hoping to get that Salt’s Cure 2x2x2 for brunch this weekend, you’re out of luck. Chris Phelps and Zak Walter’s West Hollywood restaurant served its last meal a couple weekends ago, allowing some time before they debut a new location in Hollywood. Set to take over the former Ammo space, which shuttered and relocated around the corner, it’s poised to open for dinner and weekend brunch in mid-December, with weekday lunch to follow.

This is huge for many reasons. One, the space itself is much bigger than the original 30-seater, with a full, airy dining room, big open windows, and a patio. So no more watching the cooks grill and sizzle from your perch at the counter. There’s also a bar area, which means cocktails, created and curated by newly minted bar manager Daniel Zacharuczuk.

Walters and Phelps will continue to serve a lot of their greatest-hit dishes, things like the All-Star breakfast, the heritage pork chop, and that damn good cheeseburger. But with more space in the kitchen, they can finally expand the menu to include more steaks and chops, charcuterie, seafood options, and a larger selection of vegetable and grain dishes. And there will actually be printed menus; no more chalkboards for them.

In the bar, Zacharuczuk, who worked with 213 Hospitality and Proprietor LLC’s Honeycut and The Walker Inn, plans to follow the kitchen’s lead by using locally sourced ingredients for simple and straightforward drinks. For example, the Pearson Buck will feature a blend of pear brandy, elderflower liqueur, lime, ginger and seltzer, and the West Point will be made with with Jamaican rum, rye whiskey, lemon juice, honey, bitters, and nutmeg.

While there’s no firm opening date yet, we imagine the former Ammo regulars are chomping at the bit to get back to their regularly scheduled power lunches.

Salt’s Cure, 1155 Highland Ave., Hollywood,