Saint Martha Chef Nick Erven’s 5 Favorite L.A. Dishes

From Italian subs to lobster rolls

1 . Godmother at Bay Cities Italian Deli
“This is the best sandwich to ever happen to anyone.”

2 . Clam Pozole at Rustic Canyon
“You can’t be in a bad mood after eating this. I want to be like chef Jeremy Fox when I grow up.”

3 . Butterscoth Pot de Crème at Gjelina
“Hands down, this is my favorite dessert in the city. It’s so simple, it almost makes me angry.” 

4 . Champ at Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese
“This has all things I love: bread, cheese, braised meats. Plus they serve some pretty rad latkes.”

5 . Lobster Roll at Blue Plate Oysterette
 “This place reminds me of summer and makes me glad to live in Southern California.