Roy Choi’s Fast Food Game Changer Loco’l Reaches $100K Crowdfunding Goal

The collaboration with San Francisco chef Daniel Patterson aims to revolutionize the industry with its affordable, high-quality meals, and Choi wants to open the first L.A. location in Watts

Loco’l, chef Roy Choi’s attempt to redefine fast food, reached its $100,000 crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo yesterday. The money, which includes $7,500 from Chef filmmaker/actor Jon Favreau, gets Choi and his partner, San Francisco chef Daniel Patterson, closer to their goal of opening their first Loco’l restaurants in L.A.’s Watts and San Francisco’s Tenderloin.

“WE DID IT,” Choi wrote in an effusive Instagram post last night. “Thank you all so much. Time to get to work and make it real. The revolution has begun! We still got time so spread the word. Amazing. @welocol so happy.”

Choi, who wants to make fast food more healthful and accessible, has said he hopes to feed people nourishing 99-cent burgers. He wants fast food to be about cooking quality ingredients instead of marketing hype and preservatives. He knows he’ll need a lot more than $100,000 to make this happen, so he, of course, welcomes more donations in the last two days of Loco’l’s crowdfunding campaign.

It’s clear that Choi–who’s been posting passionately about Loco’l on social media, sharing photos of his crew like Loco’l advisory-board member Rene Redzepi–will continue to be the guy with the “megaphone” for this venture.

Man, that was not in my wheelhouse,” he wrote. “I usually just let the food talk. But this was important. I’m the mouthpiece to this project and this relationship. If the cat had gotten my tongue then how we gonna rise?”

Know this about Choi: He’s a determined man who doesn’t slack on any of his projects. He’ll keep spreading his message to the masses, including at Coachella, where he’ll be repping both Kogi and Pot. If food is the new rock, Choi is the rock star who’s not letting go of the mic until it’s time to drop it.