Roy Choi’s Chego Moving to Chinatown?

Is Chego leaving its Palms outpost and heading to Chinatown, adding a new location, or c) none of the above?

Back in early December, we’d reported that Roy Choi was doing a complete and extensive overhaul of the Chego kitchen, which required some modifications to their service. Namely, in true Choi fashion, involved them thinking outside the box and bringing in a temporary Chego truck.

Now, Los Angeles Downtown News posted news that Chego would be moving to Chinatown’s Far East Plaza (727 N Broadway) according to a statement from George Yu, executive director of the Chinatown Business Improvement District.

Though Grub Street L.A. was met with a less commital reply from Team Choi, asserting that “so far, none of what’s being reported is a done deal” and with no further information as to whether or not this potential move would affect the current location in Palms.