It’s Back! Roy Choi’s Beer Can Chicken Returns for A-Frame’s Luau Hour

The popular dish is back next week and can be paired with new Hawaiian-themed cocktails

Before chef Roy Choi flipped A-Frame’s entire menu and transformed the Culver City restaurant into a Hawaiian wonderland, he told us that the makeover didn’t necessarily mean he was retiring some of his greatest hits. A-Frame, Choi said, is a restaurant that attracts a lot of regulars from the neighborhood, and he would bring back dishes as specials if customers craved them.

So next Monday, March 23, Choi is bringing back A-Frame’s Cracklin Beer Can Chicken, with its dazzling red and green salsas, but only for the restaurant’s new luau hour. From 5 to 7 p.m. daily and also from 10 p.m. to close on weekends, guests will be able to get another taste of this A-Frame 1.0 favorite along with other food specials like Choi’s O.G. Ribs. You can see the entire luau hour menu here. Luau hour cocktail specials include classic drinks with Hawaiian twists, like a Kona Old Fashioned and a Guava Buck.

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