ROKU Has a Trendy New Haircut, Serves up Uni Toast and Foie Gras

Get an exclusive look at the new offerings

ROKU, the newest concept from Innovative Dining Group, opened in West Hollywood today in the space that once housed RivaBella, the big-ticket Italian restaurant from the same company. With the original Sushi Roku location closing in early October, this is an huge transitional period for the group behind some of L.A.’s most iconic restaurants. But what exactly are they transitioning to?

“With ROKU, we decided to infuse more experimental and global influences into the menu,” says Lee Maen, founding partner of IDG. “The menu will continue to evolve as our chefs create new dishes and we are attentive to the feedback from our friends and guests.” In a way, ROKU will serve as a test kitchen to for the group to try out new, zeitgeisty concepts and pave the way for the future. As Maen told us before, “[ROKU] will be modern, very Millenial.”

When you put them side by side, the menus don’t look drastically different, but ROKU is definitely rocking a trendier haircut. Dishes like grilled octopus with kimchi vinaigrette and uni toast with caviar and bechamel feel very of the moment, which is what made Sushi Roku so successful when it opened in the swingin’ sushi mid 90s. The biggest change at ROKU is going to be the full teppanyaki menu, where chefs are griddling up a whole slew of high-end ingredients.

“The teppan menu blends traditional elements with new twists such as Filet with foie gras and black truffles and uni garlic butter added to Nova Scotia lobster,” Maen explained. “We wanted to take a concept people know and grew up with and turn it into something they’ve never experienced before, something out of the box that people who really love food will appreciate.” Think Benihana but all growed up and with an all growed up price tag. The average entree costs somewhere around $50, and the Japanese A-5 wagyu will run you $120. But don’t take our word for it—check out the full menus below.

ROKU Teppanyaki Menu
ROKU Dinner Menu
ROKU Cocktail Menu

ROKU, 9201 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood 310-278-2060