Road Food: The No.1 Currywurst Truck of Los Angeles

Guten Appetit!

Here at Los Angeles magazine we are lucky enough to have a fleet of food trucks waiting to feed us just outside our Miracle Mile offices. Here we highlight the city’s grub on wheels.

The Truck: The No.1 Currywurst Truck of Los Angeles is bright red with big yellow sunrays stretching across the body. 

The Lowdown: The menu offers authentic German sausages and sides such as fries and sauerkraut, along with a few desserts.

The Peeps: Chris Töpperwien of Cologne, Germany brought his business-on- wheels to the states because he wanted Americans to give German street food a chance. He felt that we are too accustomed to $1 burgers from fast food joints and wants to show us that good street food is worth $6.

The Loot: Cash and cards accepted.

The Goods: The menu is stocked with enticing belly busters like the currywurst sandwich ($8), which comes with grilled bratwurst, curry ketchup, and curry mayo on a German roll. They also have desserts that sound just as heavenly: The Nutella grilled cheese sandwich is two slices of toasted wheat bread doused in powdered sugar and loaded with Swiss cheese, Nutella, peanut butter, and raspberry jam ($6). The apple strudel sports gooey apples and a flakey pastry shell drizzled with some sort of red fruit sauce ($5)—and was totally sold out (bummer). 

The Verdict: O.K., we know they consider themselves number one in the currywurst world, but we thought we’d explore the other items. We went for the Polish kilbasa dog with mustard, grilled onions, and sauerkraut in a toasted German roll ($7). Turns out they know how to do more than just currywurst! The bun was crisp and warm, the sauerkraut was perfectly sautéed, and the mustard had just enough kick. As for the sausage, it was juicy, well-seasoned, and the portion size didn’t make us feel like we had to crawl back to our desk. Next time, we’ll give their star menu item—the currywurst— a chance.

The No.1 Currywurst Truck of Los Angeles, 323-835-1222