Road Food: MOEggrolls Truck

Chinese food meets Canadian Jewish delicatessen. It’s Brooklyn on wheels, eh?

The Truck: When on the hunt for some grub, look for a bright red truck with deli mustard-yellow accents and MOE across its body. (The name stands for Montreal Open-Ended Eggrolls & Delicatessen)

The Lowdown: The truck offers an assortment of sandwiches, eggrolls, and a sole dessert.

The Peeps: After years of researching the food truck industry, new owner Sally Archer Clifton was tired of working behind a desk, so she decided to take over the MOE truck from husband and wife founders Michael and Emily Israel.

The Loot: Cash and cards accepted.

The Goods: The truck has unique deli inspired eggrolls like the Big Naked Ahi ($9) and the Reuben ($9) as well as traditional sammies like the Pastrami-wich ($10) and the turkey-wich ($9). As a bonus, they also offer a coconut bread pudding ($4) for dessert.

The Verdict: This truck attracts fressers far and wide to try its unique take on Canadian Chinese Deli creations. We were feeling carnivorous and had trouble deciding between the slow-cooked, pulled chicken sandwich or the BIG MOE with char-siu brisket, mango slaw, and a Chinese aioli. We went with the latter and our decision was rewarded. The sweet smell of the mango slaw coupled with the succulent brisket and buttery crunch of the eggroll shell made for a delightful and filling lunch. The pickle on the side was a playful nod to the classic deli inspiration. We are most definitely going to keep up with this food truck because we want MOE.