Road Food: Hadley Fruit Orchards


A fellow staffer hit up the Hadley Fruit Orchards in Banning this weekend after a jaunt to Cabazon and snapped these pics. Alongside the usual awesome spread of dried nuts, fruits, and salsas n’ such were these fresh ostrich and emu eggs, sold with an accompanying omelette recipe. Now, I’ve only seen an ostrich-egg omelette on an episode of Iron Chef (“the secret ingredient is….EGG!”) and I can’t believe I’ve ever heard of an emu one, but we’re open to the idea.

By the way, can we all just take a moment to express our love for Hadley? Even in the giant shadow of (and now owned by) the Morongo Indian Casino, this little market is an oasis of old-time tastiness. If you’ve never been, go. If nothing else, you can easily make a meal out of the free samples alone—depending on how much chutney you think you can eat…